"Nervostrong Medica"




NERVOSTRONG® is a herbal and vitamin complex that promotes the normal functioning of the nervous system and increases the resistance of the nervous system to stress.

The composition includes magnesium, which helps reduce muscle tension and promotes better quality sleep. B vitamins, which contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system and contribute to the regulation of hormone activity. Lemon balm leaf extract and hawthorn flower extract promote relaxation and relaxation. Valerian root extract and hop flower extract, which reduce excitability, help you fall asleep and maintain good sleep quality.



NERVOSTRONG® INTENSIVE is an intensive response to intense stress: it is a highly effective herbal and vitamin complex that helps to cope with stress on a physical and emotional level.

It is an intensive formula of the preparation for the nervous system, which contains a wider composition of active substances and three times more effective doses of soothing plant extracts. In addition, the composition includes motherwort extract, which helps in cases of intense stress, tension and insomnia, sleeping vitania root extract and lavender flower extract, which promotes the normal functioning of the nervous system.



NERVOSTRONG® SLEEP FORMULA is a specially developed herbal and vitamin complex that maximizes the improvement of sleep quality.

The composition includes melatonin, which promotes faster falling asleep and deepens sleep, and glycine, which reduces psycho-emotional tension and balances the activity of the nervous system. Vitamins of the B group and plant extracts that contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system, falling asleep and sleep, Magnesium that helps reduce muscle tension and promotes sleep.



VALERON is a complex of combined plant extracts and biologically active substances with thiamine, vitamin E and biologically active substances that promote accurate and steady heartbeat. It is especially recommended for use with cardiac overload and physical exertion.

The included thiamine contributes to the normal functioning of the heart, as well as normalizes the functioning of the nervous system and promotes normal psychological functions, potassium helps to maintain normal blood pressure, magnesium - helps to reduce muscle tension and plant extracts that reduce excitability, promote relaxation and normal heart function.



FEROFEMIN® is an iron vitamin complex created especially for women. 

The preparation contains both iron itself, as well as other vitamins and trace elements, which help iron to be absorbed into the blood and to be more successfully included in the body's overall metabolic process. Iron is included in the composition of FEROFEMIN® in the form of microencapsulated iron (microcapsules), which ensures increased absorption of microelements in a woman's gastrointestinal tract. The composition also includes manganese, which contributes to the protection of cells against oxidative stress. Two-year evening primrose oil is added to the composition, which contains the valuable gamma-linolenic acid.



TERMOBRONX® and TERMOBRONX® WITH GINGER are hot soluble herbal drinks with vitamin C and plant extracts - the easiest way to make yourself a hot and tasty drink that will help warm up the body in cold weather.

The composition includes vitamin C, which contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and helps to reduce fatigue during the cold season. It also contains plant extracts - linden flowers, wild roses, raspberry leaves, blackcurrant leaves, black elder, Icelandic lichen, which have been known to people for many years and have proven their usefulness.

Two flavors are available: sweet TERMOBRONX® and spicy TERMOBRONX® WITH GINGER.