"Nervostrong Medica"


Company " Nervostrong Medica” is a successful Latvian pharmaceutical company that is dynamically developing in the Baltic States, using an innovative approach to the development of pharmaceutical preparations of natural origin.

For the company "Nervostrong Medica” is the belief that people have more trust in herbal products.

Uzņēmuma produkcijas klāstā ir ārstniecības līdzekļi nervu sistēmas, sirds un asinsvadu sistēmas stiprināšanai, dzelzs preparāts, kā arī pretvīrusu preparāti organisma imūnsistēmas nostiprināšanai un uzturēšanai.

When developing the recipe of our preparations, we use herbal extracts and vitamins that have already passed the test of time, clinically proving their effectiveness.

Company'sNervostrong Medica” preparations are produced according to GMP(good manufacturing practice) standards, quality and safety standards ISO 22000, safety standards HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points).

Company "Nervostrong Medica” successfully cooperates with pharmacies, pharmacy chains and distributors of medicinal products and pharmaceutical products. Among our partners are such well-known companies on the world market as "Tamro", "Oriola", "Olainfarm", "Magnum Medical", "Recipe Plus", "Euroaptieka", "Benu", "Apotheka", "Camelia", " Gintarine vaistine" and others.